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Lobby Day 2020

Talking Points for Dental Hygienists Day on the Hill
Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Capitol Parking

Dental Hygienists and Dental Hygiene students from 4 out of the 6 Hygiene programs here in Iowa converged on the Iowa Capitol in support of our pending legislation and to discuss some of the other bills that we are watching closely.
The schools in attendance were DMACC, ICCC, Hawkeye and Kirkwood, all of them came with their senior students and faculty.

We met with Dr. Bob Russell, Representative Heather Matson, Speaker of the House Pat Grassely,  Representative  Landon and Representative  Ann Meyer.
The IDHA President, several of the IDHA Officers and Lobbyist Tom Cope were in attendance to not only mentor students but to advocate for our profession as well.

This is such a cool experience and we hope for more participation from our schools and members as we start becoming more active legislatively.  
Keep in mind the more total members that we have and the more that we have participating in events like this one, the more seriously we are taken by legislators when we want something.  
Thank you to all of you that participated this year for your support!!

For more on our pending legislation please read the IDHA Presidents Message on this website and our Facebook Page. We would encourage ALL students and members to follow our website and to LIKE our Facebook page so we are able to keep all of you abreast of our progress.

Jennifer Pierce RDH
President of the Iowa Dental Hygienists' Association

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