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DMACC class
The DMACC Dental Hygiene senior students would like to say “Hello!” to everyone at the Iowa Dental Hygienists’ Association.  As we begin our fourth semester, we are surprised at how fast this program is flying by. We have been staying very busy with classroom activities and exams, while also working diligently to improve our clinical skills.

We saw our family and friends as first patients last spring and now have the opportunity to care for patients from the general public.  They offer a wide range of difficulty and give us a better idea of what we can expect in our future careers. As we continue to work on our hand instrumentation skills, we have also been able to incorporate ultrasonic scaling into our procedures, as needed.  This past summer we learned how to use nitrous oxide and also started to administer local anesthetic. Most of us are very excited, yet very nervous, as we begin to provide injections to our patients. However, we are eager to gain the confidence and experience we need to become successful dental hygienists.

Many in our class have recently volunteered at the Special Olympics: Special Smiles in Ames. We helped the clinicians to assess gingival health, past and present decay, and sealants. We also helped to provide brushing instructions, apply fluoride and make mouth guards for the athletes. It was a rewarding experience and many more are excited to go next year!

In addition, we are not only creating a lesson plan to educate young students about oral health, but we also have a number of other projects and clinic rotations in our final two semesters. Some of the rotations we will be visiting include the Newton Correctional Facility, the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women, and the VA medical center. We are confident these experiences will better prepare us as we approach our dental boards. We are not only grateful for each other and the friendships we have built, but we are always willing to help each other out when needed. Likewise, we are also very fortunate to have such an amazing teaching staff to guide us through this program.   

We look forward to improving our skills with our upcoming patients and rotations and making it through to graduation next spring!

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Graduating Seniors

Advanced Degree

Congratulations to this year's table clinic winners:

first place winners

1st place poster session winners
“Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”
Larissa Henecke and Kiersten Christianson
Kirkwood Community College

2nd place winners

2nd place poster session winners
“Detecting Arterial Plaque in Panoramic Images”
Taylor Ackerman & Olivia Bernard
Kirkwood Community College

3rd place

Third place poster session winners
“Safety of Bisphosphonates in Dental Materials”
Dusty Nicol & Kristen Hanselman
Hawkeye Community College