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From the President

Amy Grant
Greetings from IDHA!

Right now is our organization's time to build legislative groundwork. We will be working on the governance of our profession, in the coming months, as preparation for our annual ADHA House of Delegates in June 2022. We need you! This is a great way to get involved with IDHA through learning, networking, potential leadership opportunities, and gaining quality mentorship through longtime IDHA members.

We are planning some charitable activities to give back to our community and some fun events to get to know fellow IDHA members, so stay tuned.

Now is also ADHA's prime join and renewal membership season. It's a great time to consider joining our organization or to renew if you're already one of our valuable members. We can accomplish great things together. Hope to see you soon!

Amy Grant

Member Spotlight

Picture of Heidi Thies Name: Heidi Thies
Residence: Harlan, IA
Years in Dental Hygiene: 4
Years of Membership: 6
Family: Proud Mom of five kitty fur babies: Gilly, Guinness, Gus, Greta and Gadget.  I love traveling with my mom and brother!

Favorite Instrument: Montana Jack and 204S. I was a high school music teacher before becoming an RDH so my favorite musical instrument is the piano!
Memorable Hygiene Moment: OR advice. Find a great massage therapist and chiropractor, stretch every day and invest in loupes!

Student Spotlight

Picture of Mace Name: Madison Mace
I grew up in rural southwest Iowa, where I graduated from Griswold High School in 2016. I attended Southwest Iowa Community College and enrolled in the nursing program on a cross-country scholarship. After completing my first year of nursing school, I decided to enlist in the Iowa National Guard as a dental specialist. I have always had a passion for healthcare, and after spending eight weeks at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, where I trained as a dental specialist, I knew the dental field was for me. From there, I spent time working in several private offices as a dental assistant where I learned the importance of all dental team members, from assistant to the dentist. During this time, I gravitated towards becoming a dental hygienist because of the unique combination of technical expertise and patient relations via Oral Health Instruction.

I enrolled in the Iowa Western Community College dental hygiene program in 2020, and in 2021, I became the vice president of the graduating class of 2022. During the first year of the program, my classmates and I were approached about becoming student delegates for the American Dental Hygienist Association (ADHA). Before this interaction, I had little to no awareness of the ADHA, and after some research, I was determined to represent my district. The professionals in the ADHA are always on the cutting edge of dental hygiene developments, and they recognize the critical role students play in the future of the profession. By becoming a student delegate, I knew I would be given a unique opportunity to be the voice of my district's student body, and I leaned on my leadership background in the National Guard when I applied. After being chosen as the District VIII student delegate, I saw first-hand how the ADHA develops and expands opportunities for dental hygienists across the nation by partaking in various meetings and discussions on how our district would vote during the House of Delegates. I was chosen as the Voting Delegate for 2021, and I represented students in all dental hygiene programs nationwide. I am incredibly proud of the personal and professional relationships I have gained while serving as an ADHA student delegate and know these relationships will follow me throughout my career. I would highly recommend any student research their national, state, and local organizations and see what opportunities might await them.

Upcoming Events


October National Dental Hygiene Month

January 15th BOT Virtual meeting 9:00 am