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Nadine DeVoss


I must start my message with sincere appreciation and thanks to individuals and agencies which expressed their concerns to the Iowa Dental Board regarding the petition to change the settings where dental hygienists could provide services under a Public Health Supervision Agreement. The proposed changes by the Iowa Dental Association would have drastically changed or eliminated many of the settings where hygienists now provide services. The petition was...Read More

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Hello Everyone!  Another Annual Session is quickly approaching! This year IDHA's Annual Session will be held on Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2nd at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Altoona, Iowa.  You may make your reservations at the new hotel by clicking on the Prairie Meadows link
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Member Spotlight

Michelle DoughtyName:  Carol Hooper
Residence:  I have lived in Indianola for 17 years.  I have worked for the same dentists for 22 years in Urbandale and recently started working here in town.  This is only the 2nd time in my working life that I have worked and lived in the same town. Quite a change!
Family: I have 3 married children, Jeremy, Amanda, and Megan, who have provided me with the greatest joys in my life. Grandkids!! (Not that I don't love my kids, but anyone will tell you, grandkids are a whole different kind of child.) Paige is almost 16, Katelynn 13, Jacob 7, and Lydia is 1. Between them and doing things with my church family and IDHA I manage to stay darn busy!
How I got interested in dental hygiene:  I was a dental assistant right out of high school. The second class to graduate from Area 11, better known as DMACC. I just went through the school catalogue and decided that dental assisting sounded interesting.  Little did I know, I would return to school at age 40 to become a hygienist and find the perfect profession for myself. I can honestly say I have never dreaded doing my job (maybe going to work, but not doing what I do).
My favorite dental hygiene instrument:  My favorite instrument would have to be my Piezo scaler. Love how I can use it for gross debridement and fine scaling without drowning my patient.
Changes to dental hygiene practice:  I think the ability for hygienist to give injections and the endless possibilities hygienists will have to practice in alternative settings. Exciting stuff for this "mature" hygienist.
Memorable dental hygiene moment.  This didn't happen to a patient but to myself.  I had a mild heart attack while at work.  Pretty embarrassing to be working on someone one minute and walking out of the room the next, know SOMETHING isn't right. It's the only time the office has had to call 911.  Better me than a patient, I guess.  BTW, the receptionist that made the 911 call is Michelle Doughty's sister, Kristin. We have worked and eaten lunch together for 22 years..

Upcoming Events

February 7, 2015
OSPC Implant Update
To be held by OSPC
See the Central Component section of our website for more info.

February 9, 2015
Perio Potpourri
presented by Michael Franzman, DDS, MS
6:45pm, 2 CEUs
See the Quad Cities Component section of our website for more info.

February 10, 2015
A Practical Guide to Improving Patients' Health Literacy in the Dental Office AND Culturally Responsive Dental Care
Speaker:Ā Michelle McQuistan DDS
2 CEUs
See the Iowa City Component section of our website for more info.

Feb 21, 2015
Oral Manifestations of STD's
presented by Ann Chambers, RDH, MS
3 CEs
8-9am Registration, 9am-12pm Class
See the Northwest Component section of our website for more info.

February 25, 2015
Lobby Day
contact Carol VanAernam for more info:


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